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App Store Description
CyiSoon is not only a brand, but a lifestyle. Created and developed in Harlem, New York, CyiSoon is dedicated to motivating and inspiring others via its clothing brand and now NEW APP.

This application will feature motivational quotes and highlight inspiring stories, while also allowing you to shop unique deals and offerings of the brands clothing in the application. Also receive a weekly workout and listen to the playlist of the week to motivate you to accomplish your goals.

The CyiSoon app is a must download for those looking to be motivated and inspired as it embodies the lifestyle’s identity of never giving up, and that the doubted should “Count Yourself In” and create “Something Out Of Nothing”.

Application Features:
- Receive daily motivational quotes
- Read inspiring stories
- Online shop; receive unique deals and offerings
- Weekly music playlist
- Weekly workout videos
- list other features